Michael Meade is a renowned storyteller author, mythologist and speaker.  He is the founder of mosaic voices where he leads retreats that help to reconnect people to meaningful traditions while offering opportunities for personal growth and leadership development.  His organization does work with at risk youth, veterans and the underserved.    

He is the author of multiple books including the The Genius Myth, The World Behind the World and The Rag and Bone Shop of the Heart, a book of poetry written with Robert Bly and James Hillman 

The thing that is truly special about Michael is not just his deep and intimate knowledge of myth and story but his ability to communicate it’s power  in a way that directly applies to you, me and all of us.  

In this episode discuss why the world needs your unique genius now more than ever, how in this modern culture we are not even aware of the mythology that runs things and how both personal and cultural stories can be a powerful tool for transformation.

You can find Michael at Mosaic Voices and or course on Facebook.