Darryl Edwards is a movement coach and the founder of Primal Play a practice that is way more about play and way less about practice.  Darryl and I met at the Ancestral Health Symposium last year where this interview was recorded.  Not only has Darryl basically invented and codified a new type of movement but he's also a very well spoken and articulate man.  This is a fantastic episode if you've ever struggled with exercise



Episode Highlights:

  • Why most people cant get motivated to exercise
  • The benefits to moving more like a child and less like an adult. 
  • Why the traditional view of "being in shape" may not mean being in shape.
  • How to play yourself into strength and fitness
  • Darryl's personal story of how he created Primal Play.

You can find more about Darryl Edwards and Primal Play below:

www.primalplay.com   Primal Play Facebook and on instagram @fitnessexplorer