Become a Super-communicator with this Simple Framework

Jonah Larkin

What if I told you there was a simple framework that could make you a super communicator AND make your relationships better?

My guess is that you've already heard of it, but likely don't actually use it.

It's called ACTIVE LISTENING and it's tremendously powerful when used properly.  

Not only will it create more closeness and intimacy but it's a tried and true technique when you're in a tough negotiation.

It's a  simple 4-step process.

Step 1: Listen.  Actually listen to what the other person is saying without thinking about how you're going to respond.

e.g. "I'm so angry at Andrew.  Every time I started talking he cut me off.  I'm so tired of his BS."

Step 2: Repeat Back.  Repeat  to the speaker what you heard them say.  Summarize what they said or even better, use their own words.

e.g. "What I hear you saying is that you're really upset with Andrew and you're fed up with some of his behavior."

Step 3: Check in. Check with the speaker to make sure you understand.  

e.g. "Do I have that right?"....."Yes, that's right."

Most people will stop at step 3 and call it a day.  

However, there is a bonus step that will insure the person you're talking to really feels heard.

Step 4: See if there is more.  

e.g. "Is there anything else?"

If your conversation partner has more to say, simply go back to step 1 and repeat the process until they say, "No, I'm done."

That's it.  




Put it to use in your personal and professional life and let me know how it goes.