If you're a CEO who wants to grow the value of your company or you're an asset allocator and want to increase your returns, you have two choices; the status quo or bold action. If you're the right fit for our work, we will co-create bold, value maximizing actions together.

When you partner with us we'll assess the non-financial root cause of underperformance and show you how to fix it. We never ask for contracts unless you need it internally. Why? Because you have the option of firing us at any time. That's how much we are confident in our results.

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All business problems are people problems
Organizations call when they're not hitting their goals


-Missing growth or revenue targets.
-An acquisition is now worth less than you paid.
-Looking at a down round.
-Top talent is leaving and you know others are restless.
-You're in meetings all day and not getting to the high leverage, creative work.
-Your Glassdoor reviews are horrible and it's a challenge recruiting top talent.
-Your team members are good friends but there's little accountability and things are sliding.
-Team Leads are finger pointing at each other.
-Executives are receiving negative feedback on their leadership style.


We are adherents to first principles thinking and thus our work occurs at the intersection of strategy, innovation and communication. However, because of ingrained cognitive biases shared by all humans, most orgs fail to identify the fundamentals of their dysfunction. There is always a deeper layer of causality, and determining that is the key to success. By first helping you create a common language for collaboration and conflict and then building that into your strategy you'll know the what, the when and the why of what you're doing. If you'd like to see how we've helped others succeed, book a time to talk below.

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Creating a common language for collaboration and conflict