When you’re at the top there are very few people, if any with whom you can be TRULY VULNERABLE and SHARE your anxieties, your secret doubts or what keeps you up at night.

At the same time you aren’t likely getting REAL, HONEST TO GOODNESS FEEDBACK that would help you be an even better leader. All of this can be done while actually decreasing your stresses, anxieties and doubts.

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Petty arguments, teams that aren’t hitting their goals and pushback from your people are all signs that your company is falling into ONE OR MORE OF THE THREE communication culture traps.

Instead, you can stand out as an organization that has real impact AND where your people LOVE to work.

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When you’re climbing the ladder of success there is nothing like having a group of HIGH PERFORMERS with whom you can share your CHALLENGES, get INSPIRED and be held ACCOUNTABLE.  Humans perform best in teams and group coaching is like having your own personal advisory board along with a dedicated performance coach.

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Organizations call when they're not hitting their goals


If you have a talk, presentation or speech coming up and want to crush it, or just aren’t feeling confident, I can help you articulate and deliver a message that lands powerfully.

Public speaking can be anxiety provoking, but if you have the right tools in hand, you’ll be able to deliver an effective talk EVEN if you feel nervous. I can teach you a few fundamental principles that you’ll carry with you for the rest of your life.

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